RAK811-N can't join GW

  • Hi Phil,

    OK, you are not joined. The messages you see on the GW log are all join messages (with the arrow icon). ERROR-5 means you are not joined. ERROR-6 means that the MAC is busy. Do you get the -6 just after join?
    I'll look deeper into it in 3 hours, now I have some firefighter training. Can you expand a pair of join request/response from the gateway monitor and post a screenshot?

    CU, Edi

  • time to time, the arrow is green in the gateway log :
    0_1525714733146_TTN GWtraffic 3.png

    ERROR-6 is every time i try to send :
    0_1525714818213_RAK811-Nconfig 2.png

    then after several try, ERROR-5

    some for me, time to lunch ! will be back later

    thanks again to take some time to help me


  • Hm, strange. Can you also expand the message just before the join accepted (the Join Request). I once could not join because the node was too close to the gateway.
    To be honest, with a fresh RAK811, I usually only do a at+get_config=dev_eui to set the dev_eui in ttn, then I do a at+set_config=app_key, an at+set_config=app_eui (but I think this is not necessary, as the app_eui is not needed for otaa) and an at+join=otaa... It sometimes takes up to 5 seconds until the join accepted arrives.

  • I just checked the config from scratch (I did a at+reload to reset the RAK811):
    0_1525726442914_Bildschirmfoto von 2018-05-07 22-50-21.png

  • Oh, I just saw it now: your frequency is rather strange... channel 0 would be 868.100 MHz. Usualy, I see joins on Channel 1 (868.300 MHz), but that should be no problem. What gateway do you operate? Is it a singele channel or a multi channel?

  • here it is, same configuration as before.
    yes it take 3/5 secondes before i see that on TTN page :
    0_1525726214475_TTN GWtraffic 4.png

    what i suspect is a problem with my gateway !
    it is a simple LoraGO port : https://sandboxelectronics.com/?product=lorago-dock-single-channel-lorawan-gateway

    and i'm sort sure if it fully compatible !? can't find usefull information
    do you have an idea about this gateway ?

    i will do a test with at+reload ..

  • Yes, it seams your GW and Node are apart far enough. Maybe try to set your gateway to channel 1 (868.300MHz) and only use the commands I used to configure the RAK811? Sorry, I got no experience with single channel GWs

  • Ah, and it might be a good idea to set the channel mask if you only got a single channel GW:
    at+set_config=mask:0,0001 for channel 0 or
    at+set_config=mask:0,0002 for channel 1

    But as I said, I got no experience with singel channel GWs... maybe I should order one, just for education :tongue:

  • at+reload : nothing better

    what is the command to set "channel1, 868.300MHz" ?
    i try the mask at+set_config=mask:0,0002
    but i receive ERROR-1

    .. but in fact... wich channel is available on this GW !?...
    need to have a look in the arduino code !

    i ordered this single channel GW just for my proof of concept prototype. i wish to rder a better one, but later !
    which one do you suggest ? one with a RPI3 + ??... but there a lot off possibility and i'm not sure which one to choose

  • I love! the RAK831, they got a very good performance. But the set Antenna is not too good. If you got some experience, I reccomend to build a groundplane or coco antenna. Else look for a good 868MHz antenna you can get. I got one fibre glass 868MHz from RAK, but I measured it to have a center frequency of 913MHz...

  • If you want, I can join with your settings to see if on TTN side, everything is ok.

  • hello,

    is that possible to create a second temporary user in TTN account ?
    there is not too much configuration in TTN account, so i suppose that all right.

    i have more doubt about the LoraGO GW configuration !

    what is the command to set "channel0, 868.100MHz" ?
    i try the mask at+set_config=mask:0,0001
    but i receive ERROR-1 ==> so what it the right mask to set up channel 0 please ?
    868.100 is the specified frequency in the arduino firmware, i set up before compiling and flash my GW.


  • Sorry, it's at+set_config=ch_mask:0,0001

  • not better :(

    i see the "join accept" :
    0_1525785637562_TTN GWtraffic 5.png

    but even the ERROR-6 just after the at+send command (ther is 20 seconds between the join and the send command, which is enough to see the join accept in the TTN page) !

    do you use a RAK811 or a RAK811-N (as me) ?


  • I use the RAK811, so I don't need an additional microcontroller

  • Do you have any other gateway in your region where you can go to and try to join your 811? Once joined, it stays joined.

  • no nearest GW is about 30km !

    well i plan to use RAK811 too withtout second CPU.. can you point me to a good tutorial to set up the right tool chain please ?

    well i will have a look to the arduino GW firmware .. but not so confident
    some users report that the RAK811-N fw is bugged .. some others say it's working ..

    if you have any idea please don't hesitate !

  • woaa !.. i just modify the setting order, set the keys juste before the join command and now i see that :
    0_1525790931333_TTN appdata3.png

    1/ where are my data ? ( at+send=1,1,010101 ) ?
    2/ i got even ERROR-6 message !
    3/ sometime between several send, i receive at+recv=3,0,0 :o)
    then a lot of ERROR-6 !!

    0_1525791098540_RAK811-N terminal.png

  • here it is some data :))))

    0_1525791208143_TTN appdata4.png

    but a lot of ERROR-6 between !

    i send too fast ? (20 seconds)

  • Hm, these MAC BUSY errors are really strange.
    I don't think you are sending too fast, as I sometimes send 5 messages in 2 seconds (after hard reboot, I send the device config of the irrigation sensors which is no problem at all). So i think RAK811-N are buggy somehow...
    As for developement, I'm afraid that the -N version might be the wrong choice. As you see on the following picture, there is no internal programming support:
    Taken form the Aliexpress RAK811-N page I found this on Aliexpress.

    As for the toolchain, I use GNU Arm Embedded Toolchain, at the moment without any IDE using Makefiles under Ubuntu. I simulate using qemu and I debug/programm the devices with a fake J-Link using OpenOCD.
    But I think I'll give GNU MCU Eclipse a try soon. But in the end, you know, I don't like this bloatware IDEs too much. What OS are you on?

    I try to provide a cleaned up template project for the RAK811 soon via github. To be honest, it's a big uncommented nearly -everything-in-one-file-mess at the moment, especially the low power states need some love.

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