RAK811-N start problem

  • Hello All

    i just start to play with my new RN811-N module. i wire it to my CPU.
    when i power up, i'm waiting the "Welcome to RN811-N" message.
    my first try was succesfull, but now i can't receive it anymore !
    when i try with the BOOT pin to high, i receive "<BOOT MODE>" and nothing else !
    (so i know that my UART is right configured and wired)

    when i try it with my EVB board, i receive :
    "<BOOT MODE>"
    "Welcome to RN811-N"

    is that possible that i break the firmware of the module (the one with my CPU) ? then no more application inside ?

    thanks for any tips, regards

  • damned !!

    i played 15minutes with my EVB, then now, exactly SAME symptoms !

    EVB and Terminal on my PC (with USB cable), i can only see "<BOOT MODE>" message .. no more any "Welcome to RN811" !!

    what the F...!!..??

  • i confirm .. need to be flashed again !
    the boot mode seem really sensitive . the module seem erased easily and the only solution is to flash it again with the "Upgrade tool" ..
    hard to believe, but now my EVB work again ! i need to find a simple solution now to flash again my module on my CPU :(

  • administrators


    [BOOT MODE]0_1526369147565_upload-85437ea5-ba3a-4ed7-9f53-7857822579e7
    [Operating mode]0_1526369322033_upload-07e422ba-0c47-4ebf-8692-011eb69da42c

    Pay attention to this jumper cap and reset every time you switch to work mode.


  • i'm perfectly aware about this jumper!
    i just notice that the module seem to be really sensitive when we play with it. he seem to be really easy to stop working and require a new programming.


  • administrators

    How do you operate? We didn't meet the situation you mentioned?


  • well i don't know exactly !..
    playing with the different IO's, maybe some glitch ..?
    then application don't start anymore. only the boot mode was accessible.

    re flash the module solved the situation !

  • administrators

    Are you using the AT command?

    If you're programming yourself, the reason for this problem should be that you have to configure some data to change the value of the register, so that's what you're talking about.

  • i don't think so .. but may be was wrong, that was the very first try with the evaluation board and my first module

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