RE: Arduino I2C with RAK WisLTE

  • Hi We have successfully integrated the RAK WisLTE with the Arduino.

    The only problem is, I want to use an i2c port to which a sensor is connected.
    When I connect the sensor with out WisLTE to the arduino's I2C pins. The sensor works just fine.
    When I connect the sensor with WisLTE to the arduino's I2C pins. The Sensor stops working infact the code stops working. It hangs when a an I2C routine is there

    here is the code snip

    **#include <Wire.h> // Used to establied serial communication on the I2C bus
    #include "SparkFunTMP102.h" // Used to send and recieve specific information from our sensor

    TMP102 sensor0(0x48); // Initialize sensor at I2C address 0x48

    //Temp Sensor - this is here the code halts
    sensor0.begin(); // Join I2C bus

    Serial.begin(115200); //Serial port for NBiot device
    delay(10000); //boot time for Nbiot module

    I never see an AT

    Kindly help

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    As you can see from the schematic diagram, our I2C pin are connected to other things, affecting Arduino's I2C.


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