Using PWM0, PWM1, UART2 and SD pins as GPIO in RAK633 (MT7628AN)

  • I am trying to use about 15 pins of RAK633 as GPIO pins using the PIN share scheme of MT7628. Few of them are used by default as SD card, PWM, and uart2 pins.

    I built a new LEDE image by editing the dts file as follows.

    &pinctrl {
        state_default: pinctrl0 {
            gpio {
                ralink,group = "i2s", "pwm0", "pwm1", "uart2", "sdmode";
                ralink,function = "gpio";

    After I loaded the new image, the i2s port was converted to GPIO pin. But the pwm0, pwm1, uart2 and sd card pins didn’t work as GPIO pins. When I checked the memory map of the device, it was changed correctly as mentioned in the MT7628 programmer’s guide to enable GPIO in these pins.

    Following are the pins I am trying to convert to GPIO pins.
    Are there any other changes to be done other than in dts file to enable GPIO in these pins?

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    Sorry, I have not met the usage you mentioned.Please refer to the relevant technical manual.


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