Issues with RAK811 and Arduino Nano - Doesn't display correctly the response on Serial monitor

  • Hello everyone,

    I have an issue with my RAK811 when I try to control it through an Arduino Nano.
    I already have a RAK831 gateway that works perfectly and I already succeed to send packets with my RAK811 module through RealTerm when the module is directly connected to my computer (with the right position of the jumper on P6 : CRX-TXD and CTX-RXD)

    The issue appears when I try to do this directly with the Nano connected to the computer and the RAK811 connected to the Nano like below and I don't think I made mistakes in the connections (5V to 5V, GND to GND and TX to D11 & RX to D10) as it is explained on the user Guide (as the connection between RX and TX is already internally made in the RAK811). And I also though to move the jumper position on P6 and put it between TXD-RX and RXD-TX.


    When I upload the JoinNetworkOTAA.ino sketch I obtain the following result:

    I really don't understand why I don't have the response of the RAK811 as I get them when I use it directly with realterm through my computer.
    Could someone help me ?

    Many thanks


  • @yacinees

    the nano has no hardware uart so you have to use softwareserial.

    my idea would be to first connect the rak direct with realterm and change the baudrate to something lower then 57600

    now set that same data rate in your nano sketch and connect the nano.

  • @BoRRoZ
    Thanks for your answer.
    I already use softwareserial with my pins D10 and D11.

    I will try your idea on monday and let you know if it works !
    I have a question, I wonder why it would work with a baudrate lower ?

  • @yacinees

    softwareserial works at lower max speeds then hardware serial (like buildin the RAK module) or for example arduino mega

    also the voltage level is important.. max 3v3 for the RAK uart and off course the Rx/Tx lines should be reversed on the nano

  • @BoRRoZ

    Ok it is good to know !! I thought it was 115200 the max speeds of SoftwareSerial.

    I tested this morning my code after changing the baudrate of my RAK to 57600 trough RealTerm and it works perfectly !!

    For the voltage, I've put the jumpers between TXD~5_3R and RXD~5_3T so I hope it protects my RAK811.

    Many thanks for your help !!!

  • instead of using your nano you can use a usb-serial module in combination
    with this free tool QCOM_V1.6

    Now you can enter and save all the AT commands and activate them by the push of a button or in a sequence and store as a script.

    Very handy to test all AT commands


    here you see the AT commands and the buttons 1-29
    on the left the terminal with the modules response


  • @BoRRoZ

    Thanks for the tool, it is indeed great to test all AT commands !

    Unfortunately, I have to use my Nano and I'm actually writing my own library because I want to send a particular type of data through LoRa (data one are measured by the sensors connected to my Nano).
    To receive it, I have a private Gateway and I analyze those data through a Raspberry (the one that handles the gateway).

    I'm actually writing it.

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