LoraButton Bricked

  • I think I made a mistake, I upgraded my LoraButton with the file bin/u_rak811_lorabutton.bin from official repo

    I've done it with RAK LoRaButton Upgrade Tool V1.0 and upgrade went fine but I can't do anything more, seems bricked, nothing on serial and I cant flash it or use it either
    How can I get back to life ? I've got STM32 programmer STLink.

    On my second one I flashed firmware from RAK Wireless support site
    U_RAK811N_LoraButton_V2024_EU868_20180312 and worked fine.

    Thanks for your help

  • Got it, I tried something and it worked
    Removed lipo then plug usb cable while pressing button (looks like number 2) then 3 led are flashing red and one green.
    Looks like button in firmware mode, then tool was able to flash it back.

    Not mentioned anywhere on documentation for firmware updating

  • Hello, the open source project you have seen is for the open source project of RAK_LB801 that we launched later. The difference between the current RAK_LB801N LoRaButton and the current one is shown in the figure below, so do not mix their data.
    0_1523584943680_屏幕快照 2018-04-13 上午10.01.57.png

  • @xc-c
    thanks for this information, may be worth mentioning on OpenSource github repository readme file.

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