RAK811 SensorNodeBoard and TrackerBoard for US915 frequency

  • Hi, i have some rak811 sensorNodeBoard and a few 811 data trackers. I have some doubs about the correct configuration using keil and programing:
    1-How to bypass the smt32 on the board for conection directly to the AT modem?
    2-How to upgrade the firmware for module 811 (AT modem) ? Its is necesary for us915? Considering the last firmware is v2.022.
    3- In the "Options for target" windows and "C/C++" menu; and "Preprocessor Symbols" i must be use REGION_EU868 or REGION_US915? or i don't change anything (Image 1).
    4-You can explain the APP_TX_DUTYCYCLE and APP_TX_DUTYCYCLE_RND options with an example?
    5- I have a few gateways with rak813 boards (8 channels). In the main.c code for 811 sensorboard i see a line with defination of a region: "#if defined( REGION_XX)" for use with correct region US915, EU868 or others. Changgin the line to "#if defined( REGION_US915)"; wich other configuration is necesary for US915 work on the node?
    6-The code for US915 is for 72 channels, how to i change only for 8 channels?
    All the explanations examples in https://www.hackster.io/naresh-krish/getting-started-with-the-rak811-lora-node-67f157 and others unoficial webs are for 868 mhz wich use 8 channels; we need some examples or code for us915 frequency and 8 channels.

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