How to change the output power

  • I can't change to output power for RAK811! The default pwr_level (at+get_config=pwr_level) is "0". I changed this to "3" (at+set_config=pwr_level:3) which should give an output power of 14 dBm (as far as I understand the RAK811 manual). Then I make a join (at+join=otaa) which work well! When I check sx1276 register 0x09 (at+rd_reg=09,1) it gives as result "f5" (0xF5) which is 20 dBm output power. I also measured the current during transmit and this is 130mA (I assume the correct current for 20 dBm output power). How should I change the output power?

    I used the EU868 band with the latest firmware version

  • Really? Does no one know how to change the output power of the RAK811?

  • @Ronald

    I also wonder, at what days of the week is there RAK support ?

  • I found the issue! My assumptions about register values were not correct!
    I still have the issue that the current during transmit is very high. 90mA at 14 dBm output power (should be 30mA according to specs). Also the receive current is high, about 12 mA (should be 5.5mA according to specs). I used the WisNode LoRa for the experiments and replaced the 0 ohm resistor for a 2 ohm resistor to measure the current!

  • administrators

    Regarding all the problems encountered by the current AT command firmware, we will fix it in the next release. Thank you for your feedback.

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