How to use rak567 or rak554 to see the image on a computer instead of android/ios?

  • Hi all, I'd like to know, how can i bring the image that the RX receive to a PC
    VLC/Media Player or any other program.

    I can see that RAK 567 can connect into a router, is that possible to instead of stream to youtube, catch the stream on VLC?

    How to?

    Camera -> TX -> Wireless -> RX -> Router -> PC


  • Any luck on your side?

  • To do so, connect to the Flylink WiFi and go to: (user: test, password: test).

    You can then set the network configuration for the ethernet cable and connect the RAK567 to the router.

    Reboot the RAK567.

    Check the RTSP stream using the following command with the IP you did set:

    vlc rtsp://

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