RAK831 gets hot

  • Hi. One of the chips on my RAK831 board heats up to 59C. Is this normal?
    Can anyone confirm his RAK831 gets hot?

  • I have the same problem - the SX1301 chip gets very hot -if I touch the board on the other side it is burning hot. I use my gateway with the communication board on top, so chips are below the board. If you look from the USB ports side, the chip on the right side on top of USB ports is getting very hot. I found some pictures where the chips are without shields, and it is the SX1301 chip.

    If I put a heatsink on top of the SX1301 chip , it seems to help lower the temperature. But I'm not sure if it really helps. I wonder why I did not find any info about RAK831 chips getting so hot . So, it is possible that we have defective boards??

    Anyone else with the same issues? I hope manufacturer will explain this.

    Thank you

  • Mine too gets very hot...

  • The operating temperature of the RAK831 device is -45 - 85, so the device is normal if it does not exceed this range of temperature.

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