RAK 811 Tracker and LoraWise board AU_915 not working properly

  • This is a continuation of a topic in which I reported instability with the RAK 831 gateway. It turns out it is not a problem with the gateway but rather with the configuration of the end-nodes.
    Both nodes the RAK Tracker board ad the LoraWise Node behaving very similar, they talk to the gateway however the communication is very poor. About 50% of the packets are dropped and either arrive in FS8 or FS12 nothing in between at a distance of 4m from each other.
    I testes a MicroChip end node and it works perfectly with the RAK gateway.
    My assumption is that this has something to do with the 915_AU band configuration.
    In AU_915 the second set of channels are used with the TTN network channel 9-16 and possibly this is where it all goes wrong.
    Both boards are configured as peer RAK manual in the AU_915 frequency range but this results in poor communication between the end-node and the gateways. Any help would be appreciated.

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