Further on the unstable RAK 831, high amount of CRC errors, need help with this!

  • Re: [Unstable 831 Gateway in AU_915](bad radio module?)

    I have done more investigation on the problem and identified that there are a lot of CRC errors occurring, about 90% of the packets which make it are failing due to CRC errors.
    I also don't understand why the packets would show -120 dBi if I'm with my transmitter only 4 m away form the gateway.
    I was also concerned that there was a possible power issue and now power the unit from a bench power supply and have soldered directly to the board.
    If there is no solution in sight than I will send the Gateway back under warranty as I believe to have bad hardware.

    Edit: I noticed that when the transmission is on frequency 917.5 it is allays SF8 any other frequency is SF 12, the RSSI is -70 to -72 SNR 9.8.

  • Have you tried other frequency bands? Is your device 915MHz?

  • Yes I'm working in the AU_915 and run on my gateway TTN which uses the following config.

    As end nodes I use the RAK 811 Tracker board with the delivered firmware configured to AU_915 and the WisNode-LoRa configured with the AU_915 settings as described in your documentation.
    Maybe this has something to do that we using the second 8 channels 9-16

  • After all it turns out not to be a problem with the gateway! I tested the gateway yesterday with a non RAK end node and it works perfectly. The problem is somehow related to the software on the RAK end-nodes. With 2 RAK end devices not working I got lead down a wrong past.
    I will now try to solve the end node problem which is most likely a specific 915_AU frequency configuration problem.

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