CreatorPro is stucked in bootloader mode

  • Hi! I hope you are very well.
    I received a RAK611 dash button (V12) with RAK473 WIFI module and a Creator Pro board a few weeks ago and I've been having some problems with creator pro. I followed the pdf document about the dash button example that is available on the web site but I am still not able to make it work. I did connect the cables as indicated on the document, and then I tried to upload a simple example to creator pro. At first time the program was uploaded succesfully but it never worked (even using a predefined example). After some more attempts, when I was uploading the program, creator pro started to plug out and in again itself, and on the MBED device appeared a text file called "fail.txt" and it had just one text line that said "SWD Error". I was looking for this error here and in another blogs, and in many of these sites they was saying that it could be a firmware problem, and that the firmware should be updated. So I followed again a document on RAK website about how to update Creator Pro firmware. I followed the document step by step, i did download the new firmware and I changed the old one. The last step say "unplug creator pro and plug in again, and the new firmware should work normally". I did it and from that moment Creator Pro is stucked in bootloader mode, and never returns to work as a mbed device, and PC only recognize it as "CRM DSBLD".

    What can I do to restore Creator Pro? Is there some way to turn it out of the bootloader mode? Any hint about why it never worked normally?

    Thank you so much.


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