RAK5270 issue

  • I have bought multiple items from rakwireless. Seems like each and every product has issues, either firmware or hardware. Support was good at the beginning and nothing was answered after that.. i am trying to push thier product to the market but people keep asking me about the issue which i can not solve. Wiki was confusing and not complete. No source code.

    Now i am trying get the rak5270 to work in the hopes to break even my loss. The nuvoton web configurator works for the rak5206. I am able to change the resolution, flip the image to save bandwidth.

    The nuvoton web configurator doesnt work for all my rak5270. I cant flash any firmware or edit any configuration. It doesnt work for all my flylink hd as well. I am trying to reduce the resolution and quality to reduce the bandwidth.. anyone manage to get this working?? Nothing in the configuration works.

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