RAK831 with Rpi B+ can't boot

  • I connected RAK831 to Rpi B+, but it doesn't boot with error message 'sh: can't access tty; job control turned off'.
    I was tested it in 3-ways

    1. connect with convert board
    2. direct connect only power pins(5v, gnd)
    3. direct connect minimum pins( 5v, gnd, rst, sck, miso, mosi, csn)

    1, 3 is doesn't work. with error message. only one Indicator LED is up (near pin header, not GPIO LED)
    on 2, pi is works well, but RAK831 seems doesn't work. No indicator LEDs up.

    Also, an anyone tell me a purpose of the LED indicators? That might be helpful for troubleshoot.

    Thanks for reading.

  • @S_Geek Have you got a virgin install of raspian on your card and is your power supply capable of powering the RAK831 as well as the pi?

  • @vk4lc I used Noobs for install of raspbian. and psu has 2A maximum output.

  • I solved this problem on myself.

    Noobs cause problem. I installed clean latest raspbian w/o noobs, everything works fine, perfectly well.

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