Why send AT command device not respones?

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    Many users using the AT command, the first time you send a command, always find yourself sending commands without any response. Here to share with you to send the command should pay attention to the issue.

    In the RAK all products that support the AT command in the document will have this introduction:
    Perhaps many users did not notice this sentence, you may not understand its meaning, here to fully explain the meaning of the following sentence:

    1. If you are using MCU to write code control device, then you need to send the command is "at+version\r\n".like this:

    2. If you are using serial port tools on your PC to send in ASCII, you should send "at+versionENTER".like this:

    3. If you are using serial port tools on your PC to send in HEX,you should send "61 74 2B 76 65 72 73 69 6F 6E 0D 0A".like this:

  • @rakadmin ,Facing Same with me.I unable to respond AT command (i'm using serial monitor on PC).whenever tried for it;it replying me by same command !!0_1516182687851_RAk.png

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    @hanmant What device are you using? How to use it?

  • @rakadmin im using Lora RAK811.i was trying get the device version by AT command

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    Please take a photo of your device. Thanks

  • @administrators i have a RAk812 433Mhz operated and i try to connect it to the gateway Rak831 which is already connected to the TTN with 433Mhz config with the local json file
    and when i try to connect my node to gateway or node to TTN it seems my node wont connect here is the response i get when i try to at+join=otaa.
    ![alt text](0_1518527287431_upload-e448687d-6189-4cf3-8e1e-b9a672f37ba6 image url)

  • @clefford218 @administrators I am having the same issue with a 915MHz RAK811 and Rak831 Gateway (connected to TTN). I tried OTAA (returns 6,0,0) and both ABP (no join status returned after "OK") multiple times without success.

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