RAK 566/5610 works with Iphone app BUT android app crashes or not see Wifi network

  • Hi All,

    i just received my 566/5610 set, wired up on test bench.
    Everything works with Iphone app (iphone 6). Then i tried with some android phones, with no success:

    Samsung S8+ : sees network, app does not connect or connect and then black screen, if i click the folder icon, app crashes

    Xiaomi mi mix/AGM X1/Google nexus 3/Ulefone Power/Samsung Note 3: (all the same) does not see the wifi (sees other 5G networks)

    i tried to stream from the RTSP protocol as suggested into "RAK5xx video module third-party (VLC) use manual V1.0.pdf" thru getting the correct url and pasting it into a streaming capable video player like VLC.
    From my laptop: (asus ROG 552) vlc: can open the stream, but it's very lagged (1-2s)
    QgroundControl: all green colored and very slow and sluggish (2-3s seconds of lag).
    The same happens from android app "QgroundControl" in my Samsung S8+ which has a video window which can stream from an RTSP url. Green and slow.

    Now i'm very puzzled

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