RAK811 SensorNodeBoard - Low Power Node?

  • I've got one off these boards some days ago. First off all - I was able to join via OTAA and send data as expected!

    But when I consider to build a (ultra) low power solution based on that board the red LED seems to be a problem.
    After the schematics in the datasheet that LED will always be on when VCC 3.3V is available. And it doesn't seem to make a difference where the voltage comes from. So for example even when I power up the board directly from a LiFePo4 and put the node into sleep mode after sending some data there will be a constant current because of that LED.

    Any idea how to get rid off that?
    Are there any experiences what minimum current really can be achieved with this board in deep sleep mode. Maybe I should say "Low-Power Sleep Mode".

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    @aschroeder Thanks, Later versions of ours will change this question

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