RAK831 with FT2232H but report error:rak831 crc fault damaged package"

  • Hello
    I have Rak831 module.
    I have an FT2232 module.
    I have a raspberry pi 3 mini computer.
    I have ra-02 as a lora device.

    I made all the settings.

    I am getting a "rak831 crc fault damaged package" error.

    quick setup on your page:
    "Note: If you have not received any packets,
    the synchronization word should be 12. "
    There is a message.

    but no ra-02 mac.

    LORA / LORAWAN GATEWAY product features.
    However, the mac is only available in LORAWAN.
    How can I see LORA without a Mac?
    Can you help me?

  • administrators

    Please use our RAK811 as a LoRa node to try it. Thanks.

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