RAK831 does not bootup - read this advice first!

  • I recently received a RAK831, which came pre assembled with a micro SD card pre installed with Raspbian. However I could not get the unit to boot. I checked the microSD card, disassembled the RAK unit to check the Raspberry Pi was OK, etc, etc. Nothing worked.

    To save other users from a lot of wasted time. If you are having problems getting the unit to boot up. Do yourself a favour and throw away the USB cable that came with the RAK unit.
    Use another cable you are sure works.
    I am really unhappy that RAK have shipped the 831 with such a poor USB cable that will not even support the Raspberry Pi requirements! However, most people with have spare USB cables.

  • administrators

    I am very sorry to hear this news, we will check later we shipped accessories available.

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