Wiscore error - Device is not online in local mode

  • Hi,

    I had used Wiscore few months back. It has firmware RC342 and I had changed the SDN successfully.

    Now when I am trying to connect to it again, I am getting a number of errors.

    1. Many times the WisCore WiFi access point is not shown on my laptop or on the ipad.

    2. Sometimes when the Access point was shown (WiSCore_85dcc...) and I was able to discover the device from the app, but then it shows an error - Device is not online in local mode.

    3. The LED is random - sometimes stays ON, sometimes OFF and sometimes flashes fast.

    I have done reset of the board many times and also did power on/off many times.

    Can someone help please?

  • Update:
    I have been able to flash the firmware to latest version ENG.WC.02.03.0516.20171130.2253

    However, the ipad app still shows error as 'Device is not online in local mode'. The discovered WisCore is shown in red colour. I remember it used to show green when working properly.

    Any help appreciated.


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