FlyLink Pro RAK5675 RX-TX Died

  • Hai,

    Last week I received the FlyLink Pro RAK5675 TX-RX. I ordered it with AliExpress.

    After unpacking I tested it and it worked great, even better than I hoped for. I actually wrote a really positive feedback after testing it. But today…nothing…. ☹. No video at all.

    The TX is getting a good HDMI signal en the connection is established with the RX. The green LED’s are flashing. So it is receiving a signal. The input is a good solid 720p signal that worked before very well. I also tested other resolutions.

    The receiver is also getting very hot and after a few minutes all LED’s go off. When I pull out the power (USB) and reconnect, the LED’s go on again. But still no video.

    Just now I tested it with another battery, 7,4V, on the DC-JACK and the RX went completely dead. No LED’s are on. The same battery work’s great on the transmitter. If I now power on, with either the DC-Jack or the USB DC5 volt, the receiver stay’s dead.

    So I think the receiver is defective. DOA.

    How can we solve this problem as fast as possible?

    Please help!

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