WisNode-LoRa is not working at 915Mhz - Join accept and uplink is not stable

  • Hi, I'm facing a problem with the wisnode-Lora. Everything seems to work fine except the receive window in the module. An issue was already opened for this problem on github. The RAK says that they solved the problem, but I'm still having the exact same problem described on github. The justification was a timer problem, I still couldn't be able to find where is the problem.
    Please, @administrators I need to know if this problem was solved and if it is a hardware or just a software problem, on github the RAK says " the module timer has a deviation" and i was wondering if this is a hardware problem (in the oscillator, for example), or just software.
    I'm using the wisnode-Lora as a way to use the RAK811 for a prototype. My goal is to produce massive quantities of Lora nodes for an industry project. The RAK811 seems to be a good option for his price, but what i'm seeing here is a lot of instability.

    • I'm using US915-hybrid mode
    • The board is a WisNode-Lora v1.1

    Thanks in advance

  • administrators

    Hi Is the channel of your module the same as the channel of your gateway?

  • Yes, they are the same. Still, doesn't work.

  • administrators

    please use class A

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