RAK831 915 Mhz (test_loragw_rx fails)

  • Hello,

    I have followed the steps in the Quick Start Guide for RAK831. I am using the supplied FT2232HL module to connect to the RAK831.

    The unit connects and the SPI test_loragw_reg is successful. It finds the gateway and can talk to it ok.

    I then proceeded to test the receive RX using my microchip RN2903 mote which is configured for freq 932.3 Mhz sf 12.

    However, when I run the ./test_loragw_rx using freq 923.3 the RX LED lights up but it never receives a valid packet. I can see every now and then I get a bad packet with CRC error.

    How can I test my 915Mhz unit to know it is working ?

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    Hi you module set the freq is 932.3Mhz, but you gateway set the freq is 923.3Mhz?? is right?

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