issues with RAK831and how to use 434MHz

  • I have bought RAK831+RPI3 board, and i have some issues:

    1. I think it can support 434MHz and 868MHz, because it has two transceivers, one is SX1255(400-510MHz), and the other is SX1257(860-1000MHz). is it right? if ok, i think RAK831 can support 434MHz or 868MHz at the same board.
    2. If i want to support 434MHz, how to config the gateway software? i did not find the global_conf.json for 434MHz;
    3. The thing network IoT platform does not support 434MHz, how to config the IoT platform when i try to use 434MHz frequency?
    4. I find the GPS chipset is not on the board, without GPS, could i send and receive data use it? what is effect?

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    1. At present, our 831 module in the same set of hardware only supports a band, you buy what band to support what band.
    2. Do you want to say CN433?
    3. TTN platform is not support CN433, so our engineers are preparing to connect RAK831 + PI3 to LoRaIOT, this platform is to support CN433.
    4. GPS module will not affect the data transceiver, GPS module is only to upload RAK831 gateway location information to the network server.

  • Hi @administrators !
    I also have bought RAK831+RPI3 board for 434Mhz
    So, can you help me to config global_config.json for 433Mhz to receive data from Lora Node use 433Mhz Frequence?

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    Which LoRaWAN server are you using?

  • i use server at

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    You can refer to this :global_config_EU433.json

  • Hi @administrators
    I used your .json file, i try to send a packet from lora node, the lora gateway notice:

    2018-01-26 03:15:13 GMT


    RF packets received by concentrator: 1

    CRC_OK: 100.00%, CRC_FAIL: 0.00%, NO_CRC: 0.00%

    RF packets forwarded: 1 (18 bytes)

    PUSH_DATA datagrams sent: 1 (234 bytes)

    PUSH_DATA acknowledged: 0.00%


    PULL_DATA sent: 4 (125.00% acknowledged)

    PULL_RESP(onse) datagrams received: 0 (0 bytes)

    RF packets sent to concentrator: 0 (0 bytes)

    TX errors: 0

    But, i still don't see any thing message on server. Also, i saw gateway ping to server.
    can you talk to me what the problem, here?
    ![1_1516938099051_Capture2.PNG](Uploading 100%) ![0_1516938099051_Capture1.PNG](Uploading 100%)

  • Hi @administrators
    My gateway sent data to server success. But, the data send to gateway from lora node usually fail, the concentrator don't receive data, also lora node notice send data success.

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    Does your chosen LoRaWAN server provider support EU433? I see it does not support .

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