RAK 811N

  • Hi there
    I have 2 questions on the 811n module.

    1. Has anyone managed to work with him in class C mode? I can`t do this, maybe I did not understand the docs well enough. I set module in class C, but got no response when gateway send data.
    2. Is it possible to make your own version of the firmware in order to use the processor inside the module. Is it possible to use the code located on the github with this nano100 MCU?

  • administrators

    1. Thank you for this question, we will test it.
    2. We are not currently providing open source code for rak811-n.If you want to write your own internal code, you can use RAK811. thanks

  • @rakadmin Bump!

  • The Class C mode is sure not normal,need modify.

  • @rakadmin One more issue with RAK811N...
    When i wakeup module after sleep (sending <cr><lf> or whatever, 9600 bps), it`s powerup, and after "at+send=0,1,0102" it reply with "at+recv=5,0,0" and does not send data.
    If someone able to make it- can you share your magic?

  • @Digidenis After updating firmware v2022 both problems (class C, wakeup from sleep) solved. Thanks.

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