RAK831 lorawan reception problem

  • I'm using RAK831_868 with a raspberry pi 2 like packet_forwarder to a private server.
    It work fine for the first times but after some time, from 10 minutes to some houres, it no longer receives LoRaWAN transmissions.
    The Packet_forwarder console logs show that seems to continue to function properly. The packet_forwarder software continue to interact with RAK831 and also the link between the server is up, continue to receive the PULL_ACK and send the statistics.
    I use the status indication led for reception and transmission feedback, and when the system stop working, also the led stop blinking at the reception event.
    So seems that is the RAK831 hardware that not receive the transmission, but if I restart the packet_forwarder software the system returns to function properly.

    Some idea?

  • Hi emanuele,

    I have encountered the same problem with a Pi3 and the RAK831.
    It appeared when i powered the pi/rak831 through an USB extension cable. After eliminating the extension cable, the problem went away.

    Take a good look at the power supply. If you have a blinking red light next to the activity light on the Pi, it signals you the incoming power is getting on the low side.

  • Hi friend,
    thanks for answer. I have check the power of the system, and in my case the problem is not the power supply of raspberry pi but the connection between the rpi and the RAK831, I wired only one wire of 5V supply, probably it didn't bring enough current. I have add another wire and now it seems work properly to long run. We'll see...

    Thank you very much for support.

  • Hi!

    I´m having the same problem... I get to receive around 8 messages from my end device and then, the gateway stop receiving messages at all. I have a 2A power source for the RPi3 and a 2A power source for the RAK831.

    After a while of not receiving messages, it suddenly starts working again... and then, another 6 - 10 messages and stops again. could this be a packet_forwarder issue and not an electric one?

    PD: I'm also having -120 RSSI and my device is 4 meters away only.

    Thanks in advance!

  • @ezequielfalcon I'm having the same problem. But didnt find a solution yet

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