What do the green and red LEDs indicate - in detail?

  • I'm trying to get link running between two LX2000V20 modules.
    After a short while from power up, the green LEDs come on at both ends - and stay on.
    The red LEDs flick briefly - and both ends at the same time - once every couple of seconds.
    The Ethernet is not coming up either at the 'switch' end or at the 'computer' end of the link.
    If I break the connection between the two units, the green LEDs go out after a few seconds.
    If I re-connect, there is a flick on the reds and the greens come back on.

    I am unclear - despite having read the so-called design document- whether pin 14 of the module is an output pin - I think it is. I measure 2.0Volts on it.

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