New Firmware Update RC495.. Any Review?mmc support?


    The Release note:
    1,Big optimize for alexa implementation logic to improve the performace
    2,Add types of to-do list
    3, Add typs of sports update
    4, Add types of consequency SPK TTS
    5, Add type of play cid tts
    6, Support Multi-language : German and UK-English switch
    7, Support to get Token from Web server
    8, Fix the bug when interupt the audible but no pause
    9,Optimize the logic for dialog/alert/play stream when in competiton
    10,Optimize the Audio playing logic
    11,Optimize the wifi set up performance
    12, Optimize the reset issue

    any review about this firmware?.. how about mmc reader? can it daily use?..
    i hope this firmware official repo support .23 kernel..

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