Issues with the "RAK831" for the testing

  • For the RAK831, I followed the "RAK831 Quick Start Guide V1.0" step by step, at the testing stage I did two tests:
    1-test_loragw_reg: I got a positive result as mention on the guideline, and for the
    2-test_loragw_rx 868.1 868.5: it takes too long (around 30-50 sec) and it show me this error after while "CRC error. damaged packet".
    Here are some notes about my environment:
    1-I'm using "Raspberry Pi 3 model B as host".
    2-I tried the both ways, direct connection with host and using the F2232H board.
    3-I didn't use the remote configuration (didn't create a .JSON file and upload it).
    4-when I tried to reset the rak board, nothing happen to the board and even when I run the test code (is there something supposed to happen? like the power led start to blinking!!, also for the rx led, no response).

    I hope it's clear for everyone and I hope we can resolve this problem soon enough.

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    hi,thanks for you questions. My reply is as follows:

    1. you use the RAK831+F2232H board,and do the two tests. It seems to success,and the end "CRC error. damaged packet". I think you lack a LoRa Node to sending data.
    2. you use the RAK831+Raspberry Pi 3 model B. place don't use the Raspberry pie converter board. We found that our converter board was designed with problems.Can you wire yourself?

  • @rakadmin hi, thanks for the quick response, for the:
    point#1: yeah I figure out that I need the node to receive packet that's why I receive this error.
    and for point#2: which converter board do you mean? the F2232H board?
    In my connection now I'm using the F2232H board and when I tried to run the reset script from the "" to reset the board nothing happen!! (is there something supposed to happen?? blinking or some else) and when I tried to re-run it again it keep show me this error " line 2: echo: write error: Device or resource busy" , again I'm using the F2232H board.

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    hi,the is base on Raspberry Pi 3, place use Raspberry Pi 3+RAK831

  • @rakadmin


    I am about to purchase one RAK 831 kit with Raspberry Pi 3 and an interface board from AliExpress. Could you please provide me with an information regarding the error on the board. I hope to fix it myself as I really do not like wires around.
    I will be waiting for your reply.
    Thanks a lot in advance.

  • I am also curious about the fault on the converter-board. I received it yesterday, integrated it into my working setup and noticed the software-reset was not working anymore, i had to reset by hand on the board to get it to work.
    Also something got hot so i already stopped using it.
    I am interested to know what has to be changed to make it work..

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