RAK5260 power source wiring

  • the manual says pin 1,2 are GND and pin 3,4 are VDD out of 6 pins.
    why is there two pairs of GND and VDD? is it ok to short pin 1,2 together?
    I am trying to turn the module on by applying DC 5V between pin 1,2 and 3,4 but no LED response, no WiFi on air.

  • @ohsk HI ,Sir
    you can short connect the PIN 1,2 for GND and PIN 3 4 for VDD. we our 2pin to power supply our board to make sure you can provide the enough current .
    can you take a picture to me the board? andyou can said you use DC5V to power but i want to know the power current . can you tell me that ?

  • I was on the wrong pins; was counting the pin numbers backward.
    Now it works fine. Thank you!

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