wiscam visual doorbell

  • 1.Basic principle
    WisCam works in AP or STA mode; in AP mode, the upper computer connects the hot spots of WisCam; in STA mode, the WisCam and the upper secret are connected to the same router. Wiscam through the serial port and Arduino serial connection, Arduino external with a matrix keyboard,LCD1602 screen,10K potentiometer and a light emitting diode light. The lower computer Arduino enters the room number through the matrix keyboard and LCD sync display, the upper computer receives and opens the camera, then according to the specific situation ,the user decides whether to open the door(use LED to representative the door switch)
    2.Hardware connection
    Plug Wiscam directly into the Arduino (docking port completely), as shown in figure 2 ,matrix keyboard 4 pins connect Arduino PIN 4 - PIN 7 (customizable), LCD part connection: VSS by Arduino GND, VDD by Arduino 5V VCC, VO by potentiometer second PIN, RS by PIN 8, RW by GND, E by PIN 9, D4 by PIN 10, D5 by PIN11, D6 by PIN 12, D7 by PIN 13, A pass 10 K resistor by VCC, K by GND, LED the positive is connected to the Arduino PIN 3 (customizable) and the negative terminal Arduino GND.then supplied to the Wiscam (5V) or to the Arduino (5V).
    3.Upper computer software (source code)
    (1)Control interface
    (2)Download address
    4.Engineering documentation (including lower computer of Arduino code)
    0_1499305111273_wiscam visual doorbell.docx

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