What is a pass-through module?What is the AT command module?

  • What is a pass-through module?What is a command module?Many users may not be aware of this problem, and I will give you a summary for your reference.

    • Passthrough module: as the name implies, is to passthrough data module, at the beginning of this type of module design is to improve the efficiency of the users, achieve the goal that let users on the electric box, a configuration is completed, the next time the electricity will be run according to the configuration parameters, need not repeat configuration, saving the configuration time, improve the efficiency.Once the configuration is complete, the user only needs to use it as a data channel, and the data needs to be sent through the serial port to the module data., of course, it also has its own shortcomings, it is possible the possibility of packet loss, such as when the network or the Socket anomaly data will be blocked in BUF, could not all users sending data cache, reaches limit, the data will be lost.To achieve the data, you need to have your own application protocol.RAK common pass-through modules include: RAK415, RAK425,RAK475, RAK477, etc.

    • Command module: you can also know by name that the command module is the module that sends the command to configure, as an example of the AT command.The command module refers to the module that does not produce any operation after the power is up, which requires the external master to send commands to the module to enable the module to run.After the module has been cut off, the power will not be reconfigured before it can be saved. The module needs to be reconfigured and the command module will be sent back to work.The operation of the command module is relatively large, so it can control the network of the module and the Socket communication through its own application requirements.And in the Socket communication, you can know the sending situation of each packet, the connection state of the network, and can obtain the information through command interaction, thus effectively avoiding the loss of data.The disadvantage is that development is a bit difficult and requires the user's programming ability.RAK's common command modules include: RAK413, RAK423,RAK473, RAK476, etc.

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