WisCam Reversing radar

  • 1.Basic principle
    WisCam works in AP or STA mode; in AP mode, the host computer connects the hot spots of WisCam; in STA mode, the WisCam and the upper secret are connected to the same router. Wiscam through the serial port and Arduino serial connection, Arduino connect an ultrasonic ranging module, and then measured distance through the serial port to WisCam, and finally transferred from WisCam to the upper computer (Windows PC side).
    2.Upper computer software (source code)
    (1) Control interface
    (i) after downloading the application of the top machine, run.
    (ii) the advanced line scan, then the IP address of the wiscam will be found, and the hook will be followed by the list.
    (iii) Received serial information.
    (2)Download address
    3.Engineering documentation (including lower computer of Arduino code)
    0_1499333382958_WisCam Reversing radar.docx

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