Hi abTowne!
We discussed different videolinks in our community dedicated to quadrocopters in Telegram, аnd I periodically dig various online trading platforms in search of new products and I found your devices.

I've been studying the market for quite a long time looking for a transmitter that would give me a quality of communication comparable to DJI drones, but did not find anything interesting. So now I'm developing my drone with 3dr Solo components. The videolink of which is also based on wifi and with the help of two amplifiers and good antennas can give a good connection at a distance of 2-3 km in a field. And at the end, for a stable connection over long distances, a video link based on wifi with all the additions turns into a huge and hot monster with several watts of power. But judging by the cofdm tests from various sources, it gives a more stable connection at long distances with less power.

Just want to clarify, I do not represent any commercial company , I'm an ordinary guy who does DIY, writes reviews from time to time and in the near future I will open my site dedicated to this. But my friends from the community work in the industry, participate in start-ups and make professional video shooting from drones and they would also be interested in an affordable and stable HD videolink with a telemetry channel.

Existing COFDM video solutions have a good range, but they are ridiculously expensive, very heavy and they have a very wide operating frequency range (which can be sacrificed to reduce the price).

Desired characteristics are very simple: affordable price, range > 3km, telemetry channel (UART?), Delay less than 150ms.